Thursday, October 22, 2009

Irving Trunk Rebanded/New Test Trunk

For those who don't know yet, the Irving Public Safety trunk has now rebanded. The frequencies that were above 865 Mhz are now all 15 Mhz lower. For a complete listing for all of the LCNs with the co-responding frequency you can find it here.

Also there is a new VHF P25 Test trunk that has been reported to be active in the Irving area on the DFWscan Yahoogroup. I haven't been able to hear it here in Plano yet so I am not sure if it is still active or not. Here is the message details from the DFWscan posting about this new test trunk.

There's a P25 trunking system being tested in the DFW area for the past couple
of days.

WACN = 1
Implicit Mode (no freq info)

156.7500 morse code id WD2XHY

WD2XHY is an experimental license to EF Johnson. Their location is in Irving,
near the airport. I think this solves some of the mystery systems people have
heard in the past with the WACN of 1 and SYSID of 7.

Here's an old link of one system I noticed back in April / May of this year:

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